Ever find yourself wondering,
"Am I truly living my best life? "
If you’ll invest the next few minutes in reading this short letter, I’ll reveal a little-known secret that can unlock true abundance, fulfillment, clarity, and joy… no matter how long your dream life has eluded you!
Hello Friend, 

Maya White here. I’ve got a quick question for you:

When was the last time you felt truly, completely content with your life?

Not that your life is terrible by any means - you’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and you’ve definitely achieved some pretty incredible things so far. 

But if you’re being honest with yourself… it just isn’t what you dreamed of, is it? 

Maybe there’s one area of your life in particular - love, career, money, family - that’s a constant source of stress and conflict. 

Or maybe you just generally feel stifled and stuck… and you don’t know what to do to actually start living again. Or maybe you just...

Either way, you just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something more out there for you… something wonderful that hangs just beyond your reach.
It’s not like you haven’t taken responsibility
for your own happiness…
Because you’re reading this right now, I’d say you’re not the type of person to blame others or make excuses. In fact, you’ve probably tried all kinds of things to get unstuck, like:
  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Detox, juicing, and fasting
  • Dance lessons to connect with your body and spirit
  • ​Joining Meetups to find like-minded people
  • Toastmasters meetings to boost your confidence and career
  • Expensive, time-consuming self-help programs
  • And so many others, you’ve probably forgotten a few!
But no matter what, you keep getting the same old results, don’t you? Your relationships don’t improve. Your career stays stalled. Your income won’t budge. And you just can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong!
The problem isn’t you.
The problem is in your location.
You see, the time and place where you were born creates an astrological imprint that reveals  
YOUR most empowered earth locations.
These are your PowerCenters - your personal A-list locations that give you the freedom and power to:
  • Eliminate obstacles to joy and fulfillment
  • Find or deepen a supportive, loving and romantic relationship
  • Tap into career and business opportunities
  • Discover how the power of place supports your income and wealth 
  • Experience vibrant health through remedies from your resonant PowerCenters
  • Reduce or eliminate worry so you can focus on personal growth 
  • Create the exact life you’ve always wanted because you truly understand yourself!
Unfortunately, very few of us are lucky enough to be born in the perfect location to support our needs and goals.
And because we don’t know that our ideal locations even exist… there’s no way we can tap into the energy of those places to create the satisfaction we really want in life!
But what if you DID know
your Power Centers?
Imagine with me for a minute that you woke up basking in the energy of the perfect, most supportive place on Earth for you.

Everything just feels lighter. More free. And absolutely limitless. 

You notice that the tension in your neck and shoulders is gone. 

And you breathe more easily than you have in years. 

Every sense is tingling with this new sensation of being exactly where you need to be… so you can live the exact life you were meant to have.
This is your new life… one where:
  • You can savor fulfillment, expression, and opportunity every single day… instead of losing time and energy to stress and conflict.  
  • You can connect with your true life purpose and align with the mission that your Soul has chosen for this lifetime.  
  • You can finally live out your dreams and embrace adventure and traveling to Sacred Places as an essential part of your life.  
  • You can attract the relationships, connections, wealth, freedom, and health you so richly deserve!  
  • You can eliminate that gnawing sense that you’re just not experiencing life to the fullest!

Now, I’d like you to stop imagining… because the one resource you need to unlock the profoundly transformational energy of your personal Power Centers is right at your fingertips!
Find Your Power Center  
Live Where You’re Supposed to Live
So You Can Do What You Are Meant to Do 
I’m going to show you how to find the perfect place that puts powerful universal energies in your corner, to help you experience your heart’s desire in every area of your life!

It’s called Find Your Power Center, and it uses a science-based tool that aligns who you are with your perfect location… so that you can finally live in perfect alignment with your Life Purpose and your dreams! 

Wouldn’t THAT be a relief - to live the full, abundant life you know you’re destined for, but has eluded you! 

Imagine … in less than 6 weeks, Find Your Power Center empowers you to:
  • Make more money, have more love, and do it easily and effortlessly

  • Identify your most empowered places on the earth and activate the benefits they hold for you even if you can’t go there! (It’s called Remote Activation and it will revolutionise your life!)
  • Neutralize the energy of a difficult location,
  • Rapidly get to the place where you finally experience your life exactly as you want - without drama or struggle!
As a Find Your PowerCenter program member, you will discover earth locations that align with you perfectly to support you in wealth, love, and personal growth. Understanding your power zones helps you to know yourself and confidently make even the most challenging decisions that you KNOW are in alignment with your soul. 
So who am I,
and why am I helping you
find your Power Centers? 

Hi, I’m Maya White, and I’m one of only 100 people in the world certified in AstroCartoGraphy,

a highly specialized branch of astrology that shows your best places on Earth for success.  

I’ve used it in my own life and can honestly say that I love where I live. I feel like I won the lotto in the friendship department and am surrounded by dear friends who truly care for me, so much, that they sometimes even compete with each other for my time. 

Almost every day I go to the beach and often greet the sunrise surrounded by sand, blue sky, and warm water.  

Even the ordinary moments of my life feel magical. My work has prospered and I can truly say that I’m happy and satisfied living in South Florida.  

And hundreds of my clients have experienced similar results. But it hasn’t always been that way. Years ago, I became interested in AstroCartoGraphy relocation astrology because I needed to understand why life took me miles away from my home and family in Colorado. I bought one of the first AstroCartoGraphy maps ever made, hoping that it would give me an explanation.
And it DID!
I learned that where I grew up in Colorado, was a stimulating but unstable Uranus zone – and that Uranus influence literally ‘kicked me out’ at the age of 18.  

The good thing is that while living in Colorado I was immersed in expansive, Uranian experiences that shaped who I am today. As a teenager I meditated with Tibetan Buddhist monks, and I received treatments from one of the finest energy healers in the world. 

But as a young adult, I found myself living in Maine, far from home. Amazingly, in my map, the Northeast US is a compelling AstroCartoGraphy zone.
A strong planetary crossing kept me there, 
and truly wonderful things came to me:
  • I gave birth to two amazing children – two of the best parts of my life

  • I became the astrologer for Inner Tapestry magazine, putting me on the fast track to success    
  • I met Louise Hay in New York City and got a contract from Hay House for my Easy Astrology Oracle Cards - at a time when they were not accepting any card deck proposals!
These Miracles all manifested in my ‘Miracle Maker’ Jupiter/Pluto zone
Today I’m one of only 100 people certified in AstroCartoGraphy and one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. 
And, I’ve lived my own life as a proving ground for AstroCartoGraphy so that I can help YOU identify and access your own PERSONAL POWER ZONES - your PowerCenters.  

Astrology has been my roadmap to a magical life with clients who live in places like Singapore, Australia, and Europe, as well as the US. Plus, I have the joy of leading spiritual retreats in exotic locations like Morocco, Bali and India. 

PowerCenter Astrology works for people from all walks of life, and it’s not about how much money or influence you have; it’s about living a life rich in personal satisfaction. 

PowerCenter astrology has played a pivotal role in my life, and it can do so for anyone. Now, I want to show you how Angelina Jolie's PowerCenters play out for her.
 Your Life Experience will Reflect your Planetary Lines
Actress Angelina Jolie has a home in Los Angeles. Her PowerCenter map for Los Angeles shows the beneficial lines of Venus and Jupiter. Yes, she is known for her beauty, ruled by Venus, but she’s also a movie director, which is ruled by Jupiter.
Every place is good for something – even if you have
However, Jolie has also found a quiet place in France to be with and focus on her children. In France, however, Jolie has NO LINES – considered to be a PowerCenter neutral zone for her. Here she finds peace away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.
Now, for the first time ever, I am ready to reveal my secrets . . .
Find Your Power Center
Live Where You’re Supposed to Live So You Can 
Do What You Are Meant to Do  
Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in these five transformational lessons:
  • You’ll identify your personal Power Centers using your very own interactive world AstroCartoGraphy map  

  • You’ll connect with Power Center Astrology as a reliable, potent tool for personal growth
  • You’ll gain fresh understanding of your experiences in negative and challenging places, and get clarity on the lessons those experiences were meant to teach you
  • You’ll learn how to access the good energies of any location without even going there through Remote Activation
  • You’ll have the keys to live your life with clarity, confidence and freedom as you become one with the Universal forces that shape your reality
  • And MUCH more! 

And here’s the Find Your Power Center program breakdown:
Key 1. The Keys to the Kingdom - Your Interactive PowerCenter Map 

I am so excited to deliver your very own PowerCenter map! You’re getting the keys to a revolutionary NEW mapping program that charts your personal planetary power zones on Google maps.

This map puts you in the driver’s seat and I’ll show you exactly how PowerCenter Astrology works. It’s not just about travel or where you live, it’s about acceleration on the life you want.

Every place has a meaning, and my goal is to help you align the messages from the stars with your life here on earth to help you make good decisions and truly understand yourself.

We’ll cover:
  • Your Essential Tools - Planetary lines and map options
  • Follow the Sun - Charting your prime power pathway
  • Get the Sweetest Deal - Finding your beneficial power zones
  • Your Real Time PowerCenter – Keeping your batteries charged where you live 
  • Why You Don’t Have to Move (unless you want to) - The art of unlocking the good energies of any location without actually going there
Key 2. Home Among the Stars - What is PowerCenter Astrology and How Does it Work?

Now that you’ve gotten the keys to your very own map, I’m going to give you the title and explain some of the technical stuff so you can achieve real lift-off.

One of the things that makes PowerCenter Astrology (PCA) different from other intuitive arts is that it is based on math and science.

I’ll tell you how PCA came to be and clarify some astrological lingo. I promise to keep things simple and in a language that you can understand. 

You’ll get:
  • How your PowerCenter AstroCartoGraphy map reflects who you are  
  • A Celestial Navigation Guide – Your Relocated Chart
  • Your Gravitational Center –The importance of where you were born
  • Cruising Along - Using PCA for traveling to your Sacred Earth locations 
  • Entering Warp Speed – PCA for personal development, better
Key 3. Every Place is Good for Something – What to Do When You Are Not Living in Your PowerCenter 

Now it’s time to take a look at how to start using PCA to improve your life - wherever you are, and even if you feel stuck.

I'll show you things you can do to gain traction and make your life better!

You’ll get:
  • Getting Traction on Planetary Trap Syndrome - The 5 Negative Traps that keep you spinning your wheels in unfulfilling patterns and circumstances    
  • Staying on Track - How to recognize dead-end places that you should AVOID at all costs
  • Finding Free Energy – The secrets revealed by your equatorial crossings (this is a very special tip for self-understanding that few people know about!) 
  • What to do if You’re Stuck in a Ditch – How to gain speed and momentum
  • Loving Your Shadow - Quit looking in the rearview mirror and stop blaming yourself
Key 4. Remote Activation - Tuning Into Messages from Other Places

Now it’s time for a deep dive into one of the most powerful and fascinating aspects of managing your PowerCenter – Remote Activation.

This technique is derived from one first taught by Jim Lewis, the creator of AstroCartoGraphy. I'll show you how you can access the benefits of a place without having to even go there!

You’ll understand: 
  • How to magnetize the good energy of your PowerCenter locations anywhere on the earth.  
  • SuperCharge - Turning on the PowerCenter you most need in your life right now
  • Minimize Turbulence - Understanding any relationship quickly and easily
  • TuneUp - Receiving clear Divine guidance by using your intuition
  • Trade In Last Year’s Model - Reconciling the distant past by clearing ancestral and past lifetime locations that are revealed in your PowerCenter map
Key 5. Living in the Present - Soul Alignment and 
Empowering Your Authentic Self

In our final module, we’re going to take a deep dive into how you can achieve your dream life even faster… and amplify the impact of your PowerCenter a hundredfold! 

We’ll cover:
  • Potential Energy – The importance of your natal astrological chart 
  • Road Trip – Why travel is good for you, and how understanding your PowerCenters helps you to safely explore the world 
  • Maintain Velocity - How to always be in the right place at the right time… automatically
  • Shift Gears - Next steps you can take to unlock the transformative energy of your PowerCenter and live in alignment with your Divine Life Purpose
PLUS… when you treat yourself
to the Find Your PowerCenter program today,
I’m also gifting you these valuable bonuses: 
7 Magical, Mystical Places - Enchanted Times at Sacred Sites
Be one of the first people to get this new e-book about my own mystical experiences at seven of the world’s most magical places.
Planetary KeyWords
This guide will deepen your understanding of your PowerCenter planets. Just like you can have too much of a good thing, each planet has a good and bad side. And, planets that you may think of as being ‘bad’ can actually have a huge benefit. The secret lies in understanding how to apply the gains and harness challenges in ALL the planets. 
 How Does the ‘Find Your PowerCenter’
Program Work? 
All lessons, ‘The 5 Keys’, are available to you through a private, members-only area.
Beginning on Monday, September 16th you’ll get access to Key #1 - The Keys to the Kingdom - Your Interactive PowerCenter Map. Then, every Monday, for the next 4 weeks, a new Key will be released. You can watch the weekly training online, or download it to any device. Plus, you receive a downloadable PDF of each week’s presentation. 

PowerCenter Lab: Each Saturday beginning September 21st to October 19th, I will be available on Zoom between 3 - 4 pm Eastern time to answer your program questions. I want you to utilize everything that PCA has to offer, and will be there to support you on the journey.

Astrology Mastery Program: Plus, you get access to my private, members only Facebook page. This page is a treasure trove of resources and a friendly place where you can ask me questions.
And . . . . . right now, for a very special, crazy low PRICE!!! 
Special Offer
Regular Price:
Your Investment Today:
Payment plan available
PowerCenter Astrology...
Mapping Helps You Find Your Sweet Spot
for a Comfortable, Pleasurable and Exciting Life
  • Confidently make the best decisions on where to work, travel to, and live
  • Integrate uplifting, supportive lifestyle elements to turn positivity into a way of being
  • Get profound insights on your life’s purpose… and on the journey that will empower you to fulfill that purpose.
  • Embrace self-acceptance - no more “inner critic” 
  • Emotionally release yourself from impossible questions (like “What is the meaning of life?”)
  • Feel at home in your body, your personal space, and your community
  • Gain amazing clarity on your next move BEFORE you commit

Maya White rocks! She is my go-to person for Astro*Carto*Mapping. I believe in her so much that my husband and myself slept on an air mattress just so that we could inaugurate our new home at the date that she thought was the best for us over all. 

She predicted through her Astro*Carto*Mapping that the home that we just sold would always be under construction because of the time that we got the house. Well as much as I didn’t want that to be true, she was 100% accurate and we never quite finished our house until we were ready to leave it.

I highly recommend her!!

Colette Baron Reid
Internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual 
edium and bestselling inspirational author

What Maya told me changed my life! 
Maya provided me with a specific time and date to sell my investment property in the US, and she encouraged me to explore Costa Rica. Quickly, and after a series of synchronistic events, I met my husband there, right in my Venus love zone. Together we purchased a property in the Costa Rican rainforest with private waterfalls, just a few minutes from the beach.

The Waterfalls Villas property has doubled in value since we bought it. And our guests define this land as a sacred space. 

Thank you, Maya, for giving me insight through the sacred art of astrology that opens up the Bounties of the Universe!

Fateh Baser
Yoga, Health, and Detox Mentor
You’re still reading. What’s holding you back?
I understand if you’re a bit hesitant to invest in yourself with the Find Your PowerCenter program today.

There is only one thing that can keep you from PowerCenter Astrology - If you don’t know what time you were born, your PCA map will not be accurate!

Typically, when I talk to someone and they love the idea of knowing their PowerCenters but hesitate to take advantage of this eye-opening program, it’s usually for one of three reasons.
Here are those reasons and the answers I give to help them help themselves: 
1. They’ve never done astrology.

That’s perfectly fine! I have worked closely with fellow professional astrologers and tech teams to bring you a mapping program that gives accurate results in seconds - results that would have taken MONTHS by hand - even with tons of experience.  

You don’t have to be an astrologer or even have any experience to get accurate results! If you know your time of birth, and can type your birthday and place you were born, you can experience the benefits of PowerCenter Astrology.

2. It’s not feasible for them to physically move somewhere else. 

As you’ll discover in Module 4, through the power of Remote Activation, that you can experience the profound, life-changing benefits of a location even if you can’t physically travel or live there. 

Once you master a few simple actions, you can tap into your PowerCenters from anywhere on Earth - instantly! 

3. They’re afraid of making a bad decision. 

When the energy of the universe speaks to you and you listen, there are no bad decisions. PowerCenter Astrology is rooted in science, and its results have been verified countless times all over the world. 

What we’re doing is simply revealing the inner truth you’ve had inside you all along!
So there’s really nothing to lose.

And to make sure of that, I want to let you know about…
My DOUBLE Guarantee:
If you go through the Find Your PowerCenter program and don’t feel confident in your ability to identify your unique PowerCenters, 
 that I will have time available to help you personally in my weekly PowerCenter Lab office hours.

If you’ve attended at least one PowerCenter Saturday lab, and you’re still not happy with the program, just let me know within 30 days of purchase, and
that I will cheerfully refund 100% of your investment!

Isn’t it time you finally experienced confidence,
clarity, and control again?
You and I may not have met in person yet, so I don’t know your exact circumstances. But what I do know is that you’re tired of feeling lost, out-of-place, and uncomfortable in your own skin. 

You’ve tried your hardest, but it always feels like there’s an undercurrent of limiting energy pushing back against you. 

And you’re almost ready to stop believing that there’s even a better life waiting for you at all.
It’s time for a change. 
It’s time to reveal the next chapter in your unique, transformational journey. 
It’s time to tap into your PowerCenter. 
You deserve this.
Find Your PowerCenter  
Live Where You’re Supposed to Live So You Can 
Do What You Are Meant to Do  

Maya is always spot on with her astrological forecasts. For many years, my listeners enjoyed her weekly Starcast on my radio show. Personally, her insights have confirmed a number of career moves and important steps in personal growth.

Her work with Astrology and AstroCartoGraphy has always been on the cusp of her field. The very first time we spoke, Maya advised me that I’d have great luck in New York City, and true to her word, I have always experienced good fortune when I’m there.

Caroline Sutherland
Author of The Body Knows - book series

I had never experienced AstroCartoGraphy, but I’d heard about it before. I decided to try it because I wasn’t sure what it was about and no one had really ever connected the dots for me. Boy – did you ever connect the dots for me in a way that was easy to understand, listen to, and follow.  

Based on what you said, I could have gone to the east coast or Park City, Utah. Something told me to go to Park City, and this is the best place I’ve ever lived. I wake up here enjoying gratitude every day. 

I really don’t even need to visit other places much - that’s how happy I am living here. I’m so grateful for you and for your guidance and direction.  

Your reading, your knowledge, intuitive gifts, and wisdom really gave me that. I’m super grateful for you and forever appreciative and blessed by having you as one of my sages, a mentor, and one of my teachers. 

Wendy Wise
Intuitive Health and Wellness Healer
I look forward to hearing how tapping into YOUR PowerCenter allows you to experience the life of your dreams! 
Maya White
If you decide not to invest in yourself with Find Your PowerCenter today, what will your life look like a year from now? Five years from now? Chances are, it’ll be pretty much the same as it is today. If that’s what you wanted, you wouldn’t be here… so click the button below and say YES to your fulfilling, joyous, abundant future today!